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We don’t focus on qualifications.
We crave smart people.

Apart from the technical skills required for specific roles, we’re looking for people who will fit the Pantechnik culture.

Working At Pantechnik

Our Recruiting Philosophy
  • We love experience but we’ll take a flyer on the right person who has none.
  • We want people who manoeuvre themselves into new roles and prove they are worth being fulfilled.
  • We want people who want to achieve and improve.
We’re open:
The attitude at Pantechnik is one of openness and transparency. We have a small team spread out throughout the world, so keeping communication lines open is vital to sharing information and ideas; helping the team remain connected regardless of our physical locations.

We’re goal driven:
As a company that has seen rapid growth over recent years, we’re driven by setting and achieving goals. Expanding our solution throughout the world is our goal and we’re well on our way to achieving it. With a presence in every time zone, we can serve our customers wherever they are.

We’re glocal:
Our solutions have been developed with a global view but we understand the importance of a local presence; respecting local customs and working with local carriers. It’s our strategy for hiring a diverse and multi-cultural team that puts Pantechnik in the best possible position to achieve this.

We’re flexible:
We don’t believe that work has to be strictly 9-5. Our client’s need round the clock support and we rely on our global team to deliver this. A flexible attitude to working hours, as well as opportunities to work remotely, helps us to deliver our clients’ needs, as well as achieving our business goals.

We’re all about team:
A team that works well together is a team that delivers. We put the focus on soft skills and less on formal training. The question we ask is, "Is this person going to fit in our organization?"

We say thanks and reward:
Recognizing achievement is key to motivating employees and spurring them on to be the best they can be. Saying thanks for a job well done may seem basic but it matters at Pantechnik.

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