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About Pantechnik

Pantechnik is a leading provider of transportation management software, providing business-critical multi-carrier shipping solutions for corporate clients throughout the world.

In a global market worth over $4 trillion, organisations are spending on average 12% of revenue on logistics. Clearly, an organisation’s ability to optimise their supply chain and logistics operations can have a significant impact on the bottom line.
Pantechnik helps organisations reduce costs by driving efficiencies across the supply chain. More than 50 million packages are shipped using Pantechnik’s Global Shipping Application (GSA) every day, using over 100 different carriers, across the world.
Our solutions can seamlessly integrate within your existing systems and processes, optimising warehouse operations, delivering carrier compliance and supply chain visibility. Our global team provides installation, configuration and support services, across every region.
Whether you require an on-premise enterprise shipping solution, carrier compliance as a service, or more sophisticated reporting and analysis on your operations, we can help.

Pantechnik from the Beginning:
Bringing International Shipping Software to Europe

Founder Peter Nicholls on Pantechnik’s vision to bring multi-carrier shipping software to Europe.


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