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Carrier selection is easy with the right shipping software

Posted on 1st April 2015 by YmeriHart

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What matters most to shippers seeking to send goods across the world, or even to the next town? You might think price is key. After all, with recovery from the global economic crisis taking longer than many had hoped, times are tough for most businesses.

So, saving a few pence on each package shipped must surely be at the top of list for most manufacturers and wholesalers. This could make the difference between winning or losing the contract – or between making a profit or not.

Obviously shipping rates are very important, but time and again, studies show that what shippers want just as much as good rates, are reliability and predictability. This ensures that they can satisfy their customers through delivering the right product at the right time at the right price.

It should all be so simple – until the shipper finds that this utopia can only be achieved through using multiple carriers. Express company or Carrier A is the only one to deliver before 9am in Istanbul. But B is cheaper for shipments to the United States, C is the only one that can carry shipments over 75kg within two days to New Delhi, and D is best at domestic nationwide deliveries.

How does a shipper ever find this out? And even when they do – how do they keep up with the constantly changing environment of both the carrier specifications and legal and Customs regulations. Not to mention the rules related to dangerous goods, security and cargo scanning.

Even very experienced personnel at specialist logistics companies can find it difficult to keep up with so much information, especially when customers decide to expand into new markets.

In this era of sophisticated supply chain software, you might expect that someone would have written a programme that delivers this information. You specify the product and the delivery date and ask it for the options on routes, rates, pick-up and delivery times and tracking.

And you would be right. That software does exist. And, if you find the right supplier, it can also do a whole lot more.

For instance, making suggestions on how to package the shipment in order to achieve the best rate – and ensure you meet carrier specifications e.g. whether to use overboxes or pallets.

And checking that the address is right and the postcode exists so there is no problem in the final mile delivery. Not to mention offering one internal reference and invoice, no matter how many carriers were involved in that shipment.

Imagine how much easier that would make the process.

It’s all about selecting the right shipping software solution that offers these facilities.

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